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Further Comments on Superstition

Initially, superstition was just an ordinary term. It was hyped up into a term with deadly power by some people in politics in China. Actually, superstition as publicized by those in politics is not superstition, but a political label as well as a political slogan; and it is a political term used specifically when attacking others. Once something is slapped with this label, it is made antithetical to science and can therefore be blatantly attacked.

In fact, those who have gone through different kinds of political movements possess very strong analytical abilities. In the past, they had beliefs, disappointments, blind worship, and they learned their lessons from these experiences. In particular, they endured an unforgettable blow to their souls during the Cultural Revolution. How can it be possible for these people to casually believe in anything? People today are the most capable of distinguishing clearly whether something is the truth or the so-called superstition cooked up by people in politics.

Whether something is science or superstition is not to be decided by people in politics. Instead, it should be appraised by scientists. However, those so-called scientists being used by politics are actually also political figures. It is impossible for this kind of people to genuinely draw a fair and scientific conclusion from an objective and scientific standpoint. In that case, fundamentally, they cannot be called scientists. At most, they can only serve to be a club held in the hands of politicians to strike at people.

The understanding of the cosmic truth by practitioners in Dafa cultivation is the elevation of reason and practice. It is futile for man, regardless of what perspective he takes, to negate the Fa and the principles of the universe that are beyond all the theories of human society. Especially when the morality of human society is on the verge of total collapse, it is the mighty universe that has once again shown benevolent compassion and given mankind this final chance. This is the hope that mankind should treasure and cherish above all. However, out of selfish desires, man is undermining this last hope the universe has accorded to him, thereby incurring the wrath of Heaven and Earth. Nevertheless, ignorant people take various catastrophes as natural phenomena. The universe does not exist for mankind. Man is only a form of expression for the existence of lives at the lowest level. If mankind has lost the standard for existence at this level of the universe, it can only be eliminated by the history of the universe.

Mankind! Wake up! The vows of gods in history are being fulfilled. Dafa is evaluating all lives. The path of life is under one’s own feet. A single thought of his own will also decide his own future.

Treasure and cherish it. The Fa and the principles of the universe are right in front of you.

Li Hongzhi
July 13, 1999