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The United States Falun Dafa Convention came to a successful 
close on Sunday evening, March 29th at the Jacob K. Javits 
Convention Center of New York. This is the first large-scale 
experience-sharing conference to be held in the United States 
since Falun Dafa was firstintroduced to here almost three 
years ago.

The founder of Falun Dafa, Master Li Hongzhi, attended the 
conference on both days, lecturing and answering questions.

It was a beautiful day here in New York City on Saturday, March
28th and spring flowers had begun to bloom. Practitioners from 
all over the world volunteered to prepare the convention hall 
and put up striking banners and pictures of Master Li and of 
Law Wheels. Practitioners from all over the United States and 
the world as well as many non-practitioners attended.

The convention officially began at 10 that morning. 
Master Li Hongzhi gave a short talk, and then the 
experience-sharing conference began. Practitioners from regions
of the U.S. ranging from coast to coast as well as from 
countries as far as Sweden and China took turnssharing their 
personal experiences of Falun Dafa, how they have benefited and
how they feel about cultivation. Some spoke Chinese, some spoke
English and other languages, but the simultaneous translation 
system in the convention hall removed the language barrier, 
creating a harmonious atmosphere.

In the afternoon, Master Li Hongzhi spoke on the Law, focusing 
on the situation of the students present. He spoke for two hours, 
pointing out specific issues and encouraging everyone to take 
cultivation diligently in order to attain completion more quickly. 
The next day, too, after several people had shared their 
cultivation experiences with everyone, Master Li Hongzhi took the 
stage again and answered questions from the crowd for about 4 hours.

An estimated 3,000 people attended this convention. They came from 
the United States and Canada in North America, from Sweden, 
Switzerland, France, Germany, and England in Europe, and 
China(Mainland,Taiwan and Hong Kong), Japan, Malaysia, and 
Australia in the Asia-Pacific region.

Even before the convention began, on Friday, March 27th, more 
than 100 of the practitioners who had already arrived in New York 
held a mass practice and discussion in the Botanical Garden in 
Flushing, Queens. On March 29th, just prior to the Sunday session, 
several hundred students fromCalifornia and elsewhere conducted a 
mass practice. It was a bonding and moving. In the afternoon of 
March 30th, too, dozens of students from Taiwan and the greater 
New York area gathered in Flushing to practice and study together.

The success of this U.S. Falun Dafa convention will have an 
important impact on the upgrading of the levels of practitioners 
all over the world and also on the future propagation of Falun 
Dafa in North America. Its profound historical significance will 
one day be revealed to mankind.